New Product: DataTables for Confluence released

Ever wondered how to add sorting and filtering to your Confluence tables? Here comes the solution: DataTables for Confluence by weweave easily turns your regular Confluence tables into powerful sortable, searchable DataTables!

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How to migrate your DNN Site to Google Analytics Universal with DNN Google Analytics Advanced

As of the recently released version 02.03.00, DNN Google Analytics Advanced supports Google Analytics Universal. When adding Google Analytics to your website, you basically can choose between two kinds of integration: Google Analytics Classic and Google Analytics Universal. Google Analytics Classic is still supported, but the latter is the recommended one and Google encourages everyone to migrate to Universal to benefit from the latest features (see this Google article). Continue reading

How to use the redirect tracking feature of DNN Google Analytics Advanced

With version 02.01.00 of our DNN Google Analytics Advanced module, we’ve introduced a great feature: The management and tracking of redirects. This allows for settings up specific URLs for campaigns, newsletters, QR codes and other shortlinks, which redirect to a certain page, while these redirects are tracked in your Google Analytics account. Thus, you can easily analyze the number of hits etc. to these URLs, giving you a powerful means to control your marketing activities. All this can be achieved without a single line of coding, using DNN Google Analytics Advanced’s comfortable web interface. Continue reading

New product: DNN Google Tag Manager 01.00.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of weweave’s latest product: DNN Google Tag Manager lets you integrate Google’s Tag Manager into your website – without having to write even a single line of code! Continue reading

DNN Dynamic Roles 02.00.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Dynamic Roles 02.00.00 with DNN 8 support and bug fixes. While V2 is for DNN 8, you can still use V1 for DNN 7 if you need to. Changes in 02.00.00:
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DNN Dynamic Redirect 01.01.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Dynamic Redirect 01.01.00. The first update to our powerful context-based redirect module adds support for ICallbackRule and fixes a problem with rendering the rule column in the admin module. Continue reading

DNN Google Analytics Advanced 01.05.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Google Analytics Advanced v01.05.00. The new release features Opt-Out – a mechanism required by the data privacy act of some countries, such as Germany.  Continue reading

Jan is DNN MVP

Congrats to Jan: weweave’s co-founder Jan Jonas has been honored with the DNN Most Valuable Person (MVP) Award! The MVP Award goes out to DNN’s community leaders who share their expertise and contribute exceptionally to DNN’s open source version.

Find out more about the MVP Award at DNN’s website.


New module for the DNN CMS platform: DNN Hardening

Today we’ve released version 01.00.00 of our new module DNN Hardening for the DNN CMS platform. The module helps you harden your DNN installation and protect it from attacks from the internet. Continue reading

New payment provider to handle checkouts

If you buy a license key or a support ticket from weweave, the entire checkout process is handled by an external, professional payment provider. This makes it easy for you to choose from a couple of payment options and will hopefully increase trust in this critical phase. As of today, all our checkouts are handled by a new payment provider: FastSpring.

Just like before, you can select the product you’d like to purchase from our website. You’ll then be redirected to the corresponding checkout page where you can enter your address and choose your preferred payment option. When you’re living in Europe, you’ll receive an invoice including VAT after the checkout process.

FastSpring serves thousands of clients worldwide. A leading e-commerce service for the general software industry, FastSpring is also the number one e-commerce service for Mac software publishers. Find out more.

For our DNN modules, you can still check out by using the DNN Store alternatively.