Climate Tracker App for iOS and Android

Doing our best to protect our environment is essential as climate change is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing these days. However, as we’re accustomed to our daily routines, we often don’t know how big the CO₂ emissions of our actions are. weweave’s free Climate Tracker App for iOS and Android wants to help you with this: Track your daily actions which cause CO₂ emissions and get detailed insights on rooms for improvement. Continue reading

weweave Commerce 2018060202 released

Today we’ve released a new version of our open-source customer portal weweave Commerce. Version 2018060202 improves your working with long lists by adding paginations and search fields. Continue reading

weweave Commerce 2018031101 released

Today we’ve released a new version of our open-source customer portal weweave Commerce. Version 2018031101 adds better compliance with the requirements of the EU-DSGVO / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new European law becomes effective in May 2018, so you’ll better be prepared. Continue reading

weweave Commerce: Sneak a peek with the new Demo Mode

We’ve added a Demo Mode to weweave Commerce, making it easy to take a look at how the software works using some randomly generated sample data. The easiest way is to use the new Demo Mode with our pre-built Docker image:

docker run -e "DEMO=1" -p 3000:3000 -it weweave/commerce

Afterwards, go to http://localhost:3000 with your web browser.

Node.js (NPM) and Java (Maven) libraries for weweave Commerce

Some weeks ago, we announced the availability of our open-source customer web portal called weweave Commerce. Earlier this week, we’ve finally finished our Node.js and Java libraries which can be used to parse and check the license keys generated by weweave Commerce. You can find the source code on GitHub for both the Node.js and the Java library. Furthermore, pre-built packages are available in the NPM registry and in the Maven repository. Continue reading

We’ve open-sourced our customer portal: weweave Commerce is here!

At this year’s DNN Connect conference, we announced that we’re working on open-sourcing our website’s backend. And finally, here it is! As a weweave customer, you’ll probably know our backend. You can manage your license keys and support requests there. Now, you’ve the chance to use this powerful backend for your company, too – completely free of charge due to the GPLv3 open source license. Continue reading

Tubewarder 1.6 released

Great news! We decided to publish Tubewarder under the terms of the GPLv3. Thus, you can now use it for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Free doesn’t mean you’re lost in case of problems: We provide professional support in case you need it. Continue reading

Tubewarder 1.5 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of Tubewarder 1.5. This new releases comes with a brand-new template editor with auto-completion, Handlebar-snippets and syntax-highlighting. Additionally, we’ve implemented two new output handlers for sending direct messages to Twitter and Facebook users. Continue reading

How to migrate your DNN Site to Google Analytics Universal with DNN Google Analytics Advanced

As of the recently released version 02.03.00, DNN Google Analytics Advanced supports Google Analytics Universal. When adding Google Analytics to your website, you basically can choose between two kinds of integration: Google Analytics Classic and Google Analytics Universal. Google Analytics Classic is still supported, but the latter is the recommended one and Google encourages everyone to migrate to Universal to benefit from the latest features (see this Google article). Continue reading

How to use the redirect tracking feature of DNN Google Analytics Advanced

With version 02.01.00 of our DNN Google Analytics Advanced module, we’ve introduced a great feature: The management and tracking of redirects. This allows for settings up specific URLs for campaigns, newsletters, QR codes and other shortlinks, which redirect to a certain page, while these redirects are tracked in your Google Analytics account. Thus, you can easily analyze the number of hits etc. to these URLs, giving you a powerful means to control your marketing activities. All this can be achieved without a single line of coding, using DNN Google Analytics Advanced’s comfortable web interface. Continue reading