At weweave, we develop software that strives for making your work more comfortable. Our solutions extend the functionality of the popular DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) CMS platform, enhance the usability of WordPress and make an expert’s life easier.


DNN Google Analytics Advanced Icon DNN Google Analytics Advanced

Extend DNN’s built-in Google Analytics integration with weweave’s DNN Google Analytics Advanced: Easily track events (such as downloads, search requests, dead links, outbound link clicks …) and see realtime download statistics. Without any coding, you can integrate your site’s events into your Google Analytics account.

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DNN Google Tag Manager DNN Google Tag Manager

Easily integrate Google Tag Manager into DNN: Without any coding, this module adds the required Google Tag Manager codes into your site, following Google’s best practices.

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DNN Dynamic Role Icon DNN Dynamic Roles

Go beyond statically assigning your users to roles: DNN Dynamic Roles for the DNN CMS platform allows for defining dynamic role membership rules. With this weweave module, you can easily set up user segmentation, A/B testing, dynamic content displaying, and much more.

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DNN Dynamic Redirect Icon DNN Dynamic Redirect

Leverage the power of dynamic content delivery for anonymous visitors: DNN Dynamic Redirect for the DNN CMS platform brings you all the features known from DNN Dynamic Roles, just for non-authenticated users, using redirects.

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DNN Hardening Icon DNN Hardening

Harden your DNN installation against attacks from the internet.

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DNN Dev Tools Icon DNN Dev Tools

Add useful functionalities for DNN developers and host admins.

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WP Ajaxify Comments Icon WP Ajaxify Comments

Make commenting your WordPress site better: WP-Ajaxify-Comments by weweave for WordPress hooks into your comment form and adds AJAX functionality – no page reloads required when validating, posting or updating comments.

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Tubewarder Icon Tubewarder

Tubewarder is a centric, template-based solution for outbound messaging (email, sms, etc.). Get rid of message and templating code in your applications. Establish a central place for controlling and archiving your outbound communication.

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weweave @ GitHub

We’re engaged in open source. Visit our GitHub page for more projects, ideas and snippets.