WP Ajaxify Comments

WP Ajaxify Comments for WordPress hooks into your comment form and adds AJAX functionality – no page reloads required when validating, posting or updating comments.

When submitting the comment form, WordPress by default reloads the entire page. In the case of an error (e.g. an invalid email address or an empty comment field) the error message is shown on top of a new (blank) screen and the user has to use the browser’s back button to correct his inputs before posting the comment again.

The WP-Ajaxify-Comments WordPress plugin hooks into any WordPress theme and adds AJAX functionality to the comment form: When the user submits his comment, the plugin sends the data to the WordPress backend without reloading the entire page. In the case of an error, the plugin shows an overlay containing the error message so that the user can correct his comment without navigating back. If the comment has been posted successfully, the plugin adds the (new) comment to the list of existing comments without leaving the page and shows an information overlay.

Moreover this plugin includes an option to automatically refresh the comments on the current page while the user stays on your page without requiring a page reload.


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  • Validating and adding comments without page reloads
  • Seamless integration with almost every theme (default options should work with most themes)
  • i18n support (included localizations for ar, ca, da-DK, de-DE, es-ES, fa-IR, fr-FR, he-IL, hu-HU, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, ru-RU, sk-SK, tr-TR, uk, vi-VN, zh-CN)
  • Support for customizing (default) WordPress messages
  • Support for threaded comments
  • Support for comments that await moderation
  • Support for pages with multiple comment forms
  • Compatibility with comment spam protection plugins and other plugins that extend/manipulate the comment form
  • Admin frontend to customize the look and feel
  • (Automatic) fallback mode uses complete page reloads if the plugin is not configured properly or any incompatibility is detected
  • Client-side JavaScript API (see FAQ for more details)
  • Automatically updating comments while user stays on page
  • Option to load comments asynchronously with secondary AJAX request if page contains more than a specified number of comments
  • Option to save bandwidth for AJAX responses
  • Debug mode to support troubleshooting


WP Ajaxify Comments is released under the terms of the GPLv2 license. It can be used for free on non-commercial and commercial websites.


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