Tubewarder acts a central outbound message gateway/hub by moving the clutter from applications which send messages automatically to a centric system. It provides channels for sending emails, text messages/sms, Facebook and Twitter direct messages, or triggering web services. Tubewarder cares for templating, logging, archiving, error handling, and user access. Make your applications cleaner by delegating automatic message sending to Tubewarder.

Tubewarder as a central message gateway/outbound message hub


Tubewarder is the bridge between your applications sending automatically generated messages (like user-welcome-mails, weekly reports, or newsletters) and the systems doing the actual work (like email servers or web services). Configuration is done using an easy-to-use integrated web interface. Applications send messages over it using a SOAP/XML or REST/JSON service.

The software is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3. You can use the Tubewarde for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. We provide professional support in case you need it.



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  • One centric system that handles all the channel-specific outbound messaging.
  • Easy-to-use web interface for managing channels and templates.
  • Integrated powerful template engine based on Apache FreeMarker.
  • Built-in, ready-to-use output handlers for Email, HTTP(S) Webservices, Facebook, Twitter and Console (for testing)
  • Extensible: Write your own output connectors in Java, using Tubewarder’s Output Handler API.
  • Connect your applications within seconds using SOAP web services or RESTful services.
  • Smart asynchronous scheduler handles the outgoing messages and deals with errors by retrying to send messages later, without blocking your applications.
  • All outgoing communication is archived for legal purposes.
  • Client libraries available for Java, NodeJS and PHP.



There are ready-to-use client libraries to connect your applications to Tubewarder within seconds: