SharePoint DOM Injector

The SharePoint DOM Injector Add-In allows you to add customized scripts (JavaScript) and styles (CSS) to all pages of your site collection and all of its subsites. The add-in follows Microsoft’s best practices.

The SharePoint-hosted add-in uses SharePoint’s “User Custom Actions” to insert JavaScript and CSS code into the sites of your SharePoint portal. It offers a web-interface to easily manage the JavaScript and CSS code that should be injected. Since there is no need to modify your SharePoint’s master pages, you can always stay with the latest master page provided by Microsoft to benefit from the latest improvements and patches.

SharePoint DOM Injector works in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 On-Premise and requires the “Classic experience”.

Potential use cases for the SharePoint DOM Injector Add-In are:

  • Brand your SharePoint sites
  • Add web analytics tracking snippet
  • Insert announcement banners


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  • SharePoint hosted Add-In (no data leaves your SharePoint environment)
  • Add customized JavaScript to all pages
  • Add customized CSS to all pages
  • No modification of master pages required
  • 100% upgrade safety as the Add-In follows Microsoft’s best practices
  • No coding required