Download the latest version of DNN Dynamic Roles below. You can test-drive the module free of charge on localhost and *.local domains.

Download DNN Dynamic Roles 02.01.00 (released 2017-02-26)

Attention: Version 02.XX.XX requires DNN 08.00.00 or higher. For older versions of DNN, please use version 01.XX.XX (see older downloads below). 

If you like the module, you can buy a license key or request a free trial license key so that you can use DNN Dynamic Redirect in your production environment.


Previous versions

02.00.00 (released 2016-10-30)
01.04.00 (released 2014-12-20)
01.03.01 (released 2014-11-21)
01.03.00 (released 2014-11-10)
01.02.00 (released 2014-11-01)
01.01.00 (released 2014-10-26)
01.00.00 (released 2014-10-17)

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