02.03.01 (released 2021-06-01)

  • Fixed rule <url />
  • Disable DnnDynamicRoles if system is in a “none normal” status (like upgrading or error).

02.03.00 (released 2019-03-12)

  • Fixed handling for update method “Remove”
  • Fixed detection of login requests
  • Added rule <url />

02.02.01 (released 2018-11-24)

  • Fixed compatibility to localization “ar-AR”
  • Validation errors are logged in level “warning”

02.02.00 (released 2017-05-10)

  • Fixed license validation to test domains case insensitive
  • Added rule <profileProperty />
  • Added rule <title />

02.01.00 (released 2017-02-26)

  • Added support for new license types “trial” and “limited”
  • Added support for logging (dynamic) roles

02.00.00 (released 2016-10-30)

  • Added compatibility to DNN 08.00.00
  • Fixed setting description property when creating new DNN role
  • Fixed detection of login requests

01.04.00 (released 2014-12-20)

  • Removed unnecessary database call when loading settings
  • Added shorthand rules for system roles (administrator, super user, registered user, unauthenticated user)
  • Added rules to test user properties (email, first name, last name and preferred locale)
  • New UI for license key administration
  • Settings license key is now possible by logging in as super user (host admin) and clicking the button “Host Settings”
  • Added role <administratorUser />
  • Added role <superUser />
  • Added role <unauthenticatedUser />
  • Added role <registeredUser />
  • Added role <email pattern=””.*”” />
  • Added role <firstName pattern=””.*”” />
  • Added role <lastName pattern=””.*”” />
  • Added role <preferredLocale pattern=””.*”” />

01.03.01 (released 2014-11-21)

  • Bugfix: Fixed Azure compatibility and EVS errors.

01.03.00 (released 2014-11-10)

  • Tracking of anonymous visitors. If this option is enabled for a dynamic role, the result of the evaluated rules will be remembered in the visitor’s session and the role changes will be applied as soon as the user logs in
  • Names of dynamic roles are checked against the names of system and global roles. This way, these roles can’t be destroyed accidentally
  • Added random rule <random>
  • Added pseudo rules <true> and <false>
  • Empty error message if a role name is not unique
  • Tiny edit icon in Safari

01.02.00 (released 2014-11-01)

  • Added patternIgnoreCase Option to the rules requestParam and cookie
  • Improved feedback when parsing your XML rules and detecting more errors (such as unknown attributes, invalid child nodes)
  • Added logical NOT rule
  • Use (meaningful) default values for “Enabled”, “Eval Trigger”, “Update Method” and “Cache Time” when creating new dynamic roles
  • Attribute values are now case sensitive
  • New icon

01.01.00 (released 2014-10-26)

  • Added column “# Users” in dynamic role grid
  • Fixed breadcrumbs in detail popup
  • Fixed dynamic role renaming when standard role with new name already exists
  • XML rule parsing is now case insensitive

01.00.00 (released 2014-10-17)

  • Initial release.