Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the purpose of this module?

Individually tailoring your website’s information for your visitors evidently improved your site’s success. Using redirects is a well-known means for achieving  this: Your visitor lands on one page, and you can redirect him based on what you know about him. The things you know can be cookies, request parameters (e.g. from an advertising campaign), or geographical location. DNN Dynamic Redirect extends the DNN CMS platform with this kind of dynamic redirects.

What are the requirements to run the module?

DNN Dynamic Redirect 01.XX.XX works with DNN (DotNetNuke) Version 07.03.00 and newer versions, DNN Dynamic Redirect 02.XX.XX with DNN 08.XX.XX or DNN 09.XX.XX.. Please contact us if you need support for an older version of DNN.

What do I need to obey when updating the module to a newer version?

Please make sure your license key is still valid. Upgrading your version after your license key has expired leads to running the module in evaluation mode (see below). This process can not be reversed, so please take care!

Can I evaluate the module before buying a license key?

Yes, you can easily give DNN Dynamic Redirect a try before buying a license key. Just download and install the module from this website. You can use the module for free on localhost and *.local with all available features.

How do I set up the license key?

Within DNN, please log in with your super user account, navigate to “Admin” and choose “Dynamic Redirect”. Click the “Host Settings” button. You can enter your license key there (copy & paste recommended).

How to obtain a license key?

Please visit the product page in order to buy a license key for DNN Dynamic Redirect. You will automatically receive an email right after completing the acquisition. This mail contains a link to our license key generation page. On this page, you need to enter all the domain names you want your license key to be valid for. Your actual license key will then be generated instantly.

Can I get a custom-tailored license key?

Yes, we can create custom-tailored license keys if want to support a large number of domains. We offer discounts in this case. Please contact our support.

Which role definition rules can I use?

Please see the XML Role Definition Syntax section in our documentation for detailed information.

How to enable debug logging?

Please check out the troubleshooting section in our documentation.

Question still not answered?

Contact our support team.