weweave Commerce 2019031201 released

Today we’ve released a new version of our open-source customer portal weweave Commerce. Since our last blog post about weweave Commerce, many improvements have been implemented. Version 2019031201 adds support for joint license keys – this means, a customer can combine multiple unissued license keys into one when generating a key for his/her domains.

As a customer with multiple unissued license keys of the same type, you can now combine several of these into one.

Release notes:

  • New feature: As a customer, you now have the ability for joint license keys in license key generation.
  • New feature: As an admin, you now have the ability to choose how many license keys should be assigned to a customer (default is one).
  • New feature: As a customer with more than one pending order, all orders are processed now when clicking the double-opt-in link.
  • New feature: The order notification API can now be secured by various means (i.e. HTTP Request Header checking).
  • Improvement: Better domain name checking (must not start with http:// or https://).
  • Improvement: Better feedback for invalid form fields.
  • Improvement: Fixed purchase assistant.
  • Improvement: Various little bug fixes.

More information: