weweave Commerce 2018060202 released

Today we’ve released a new version of our open-source customer portal weweave Commerce. Version 2018060202 improves your working with long lists by adding paginations and search fields.

Release notes:

  • New feature: Added search field to lists with many rows.
  • New feature: Added pagination (“Load more results”-Button”) to lists with many rows.
  • New feature: Added ability to set start-index and offset when sending mails to all users.
  • New feature: Added ability to add site title and logo.
  • Improvement: Made REST APIs more RESTful (i.e. by correctly using the the HTTP method instead of specific URLs).
  • Improvement: Better error handling and feedback when generating a license key.
  • Improvement: Mails to all users are sent sequentially now.
  • Improvement: Added “–virtual” parameter when installing Docker build dependencies for smaller image size.
  • Improvement: IP address resolution behind proxy.
  • Improvement: Various little bug fixes.


More information: