How to use the redirect tracking feature of DNN Google Analytics Advanced

With version 02.01.00 of our DNN Google Analytics Advanced module, we’ve introduced a great feature: The management and tracking of redirects. This allows for settings up specific URLs for campaigns, newsletters, QR codes and other shortlinks, which redirect to a certain page, while these redirects are tracked in your Google Analytics account. Thus, you can easily analyze the number of hits etc. to these URLs, giving you a powerful means to control your marketing activities. All this can be achieved without a single line of coding, using DNN Google Analytics Advanced’s comfortable web interface.

To manage your redirects, make you you have DNN Google Analytics Advanced version 02.01.00 or newer installed on DNN 08.00.00 or later. Navigate to “Admin” > “Google Analytics Advanced” and select the “Redirects” tab.


Here you can create new and modify existing redirects with these settings:

  • Redirect Name: A unique name for your redirect which is being reported to Google Analytics as “Event Action”
  • Description
  • Priority: If multiple patterns match, you can control the priority with which this rule is being considered for a redirect
  • Requested URL: Requested URL (regular expression/regex)
  • Requested URL Format: Absolute, Relative, or RelativeDnnRoot (if your DNN portal is served from t a sub-directory, such as
  • Requested URL Ignore Query: Perform case-insensitive query string matching
  • Requested URL Ignore Case: Perform case-insensitive URL matching
  • Force Login: Check if you want your visitor to be logged in before performing the redirect (if he/she isn’t already logged in)
  • Enabled: Check if this redirect is active
  • Redirect URL: Absolute or relative target URL that is being redirected to


You can find more information about DNN Google Analytics Advanced on the product page and in the documentation for the module.

You can easily give it a try with our unlimited evaluation license for local domains. Just go ahead and download your copy.

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