Tubewarder 1.5 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of Tubewarder 1.5. This new releases comes with a brand-new template editor with auto-completion, Handlebar-snippets and syntax-highlighting. Additionally, we’ve implemented two new output handlers for sending direct messages to Twitter and Facebook users.

We’re using Ace as the new template editor, a high-performance code editor for the web. Ace comes with syntax-highlighting for both HTML and the Handlebars template syntax that we’ve introduced with version 1.4. It also features auto-completion as you type and we’ve added some ready-to-use Handlebar helpers.

The new Facebook and Twitter Output Handlers enable you to send messages to Twitter and Facebook users via direct messages. In Facebook’s case, we’re using the new Facebook Messenger Platform to accomplish this job. For Twitter, we’re using the direct_messages/new REST API. With these new output handlers, you can enjoy all of the benefits Tubewarder provides, including asynchronous fail-safe message delivery, built-in archiving of sent messages, a single-point of output-delivery and more.

Take a look at the updated docs to find out how to configure the new Facebook and Twitter Output Handers.


Changelog for 1.5:

  • New: Facebook Output Handler for sending messages to a user
  • New: Twitter Output Handler for sending direct messages to a user
  • New: Integrated Ace editor in channel-template edit dialog, allowing for auto-completion, snippets and more
  • Improvement: Added Favicon
  • Improvement: Added icon to top navigation bar
  • Improvement: Upgraded WildFly Swarm to 2016.12.1
  • Improvement: Fonts are now loaded asynchronously (via WebFontLoader), allowing for using the Tubewarder Web UI without an external internet connection


Check the project page on GitHub for more information, downloads, Docker image, and documentation.


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