Tubewarder 1.4 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of Tubewarder 1.4. You may wonder why we jump from 1.2 to 1.4, skipping 1.3? Actually, we didn’t – we released 1.3 a week ago, but we wanted to implement some more improvements before encouraging you to upgrade. Thus, version 1.4 now comes with lots of great new features and improvements. First of all, we’ve switched the template engine from Apache FreeMarker to Handlebars. Handlebars is an easy-to-use, powerful templating syntax for building semantic templates effectively. Furthermore, we’ve made a breaking change (uh!) in the Send API – but it’s worth it, we think.

Here’s an example of a Handlebars template implemented in Tubewarder:

Hello {{firstname}} {{lastname}},

thanks for your order!
You can see the status of your order on our website.

{{#if isNewCustomer}}
 Log in with this password we've generated for you: {{password}}
 Please log in with your known password.

Provide something like the following model to it via the Send APIs (SOAP or RESTful with JSON):

 "firstname": "John",
 "lastname": "Doe",
 "isNewCustomer": true,
 "password": "1234567890"

Find out more about how to create Handlebar templates with tubewarder in our docs.

The docs also provide information about the way the model is provided with the Send API. The client libraries for Java, JavaScript/NodeJS and PHP have already been updated.


Changelog for 1.3 and 1.4:

  • New: Switched template system from FreeMarker to Handlebars
  • New: Separated REST and SOAP Send APIs and simplified their models (SOAP = stringified JSON, REST = JSON)
  • New: API Tester allows for entering JSON String as model
  • New: Upgraded Java client lib to 1.1.1, matching the new REST Send Model
  • New: Upgraded NPM client lib to 1.1.1, matching the new model format
  • New: Upgraded PHP client lib to 1.1.0, matching the new model format
  • New: Updated docs to represent the changed model in the Send API
  • Improvement: Upgraded WildFly Swarm to 2016.12.0
  • Improvement: Prevented user-self-deletion
  • Improvement: Show group name in template and channel listings
  • Improvement: Removed eager initialization from OneToMany and ManyToOne relations in JPA entities, instead ensuring object initialization in the Data Access Objects (DAOs)
  • Improvement: core.jar is now included as a regular library in the Swarm Main Application instead of referencing it as a system library
  • Fix: When deleting a template, the associated channel-templates get deleted as well
  • Fix: When deleting a channel, the associated templates get deleted as well
  • Fix: Setting start date on log page without effect
  • Fix: Fixed broken unit tests


Check the project page on GitHub for more information, downloads, Docker image, and documentation.


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