Tubewarder 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released

Tubewarder is approaching its first stable version with huge steps! Today we’re happy to announce the availability of 1.0-RC1, which contains a lot of improvements. You will especially experience a much better usability of the Admin Web UI. Of course we’ve already updated the Docker image as well as the binary download on GitHub.

Changelog for Release Candidate 1:

  • New: Added password policy enforcement
  • New: Added loading indicator to Web UI
  • New: Added ability to change own password in Web UI
  • Improvement: More descriptive error messages in Web UI
  • Improvement: If no group exists on startup, a new one is created and all existing objects (users, templates, channels) are mapped to it
  • Improvement: Restricted visible log items to the concrete Templates/Channels a user can access, according on his current (!) group memberships
  • Improvement: Database password is not printed on startup anymore
  • Improvement: Added trimming to name fields
  • Bugfix: Prevented groups fro being deleted if Templates/Channels are still assigned to them
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with line breaks in log viewer


Check the project page on GitHub for more information, downloads, Docker image, and documentation.


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