Tubewarder 1.0 (Final) released

We’re happy to announce the availability of Tubewarder 1.0 (Final). The final version of 1.0 is equal to 1.0-RC2. Many thanks for all your constructive feedback! About half a year of intense testing, stabilization and optimisations have been invested after we’ve announced the the first pre-releases at the beginning of this year.

Tubewarder acts as a central gateway for outgoing digital messages. The system interposes itself between applications sending messages automatically (such as emails or text messages) and the technical channels (such as mail servers, web services or filesystem). Hereby multiple advantages can be achieved:

Firstly, the technical details of the various outbound channels get encapsulated. Applications sending messages don’t need to consider details about sending an email using the company’s Exchange Server or about sending text messages using an external web service. They only communicate with the Tubewarder Server using a standardized SOAP or REST interface.

Secondly, the templates of the messages to be sent can easily be administered in a central place using Tubewarder’s web interface. This can for example be accomplished by marketing experts, technical editors or the department staff. No software customizations or deployments are required.

Furthermore, Tubewarder implements a central archiving for all sent messages. The software records timestamps, recipients and contents of all messages being sent. Users with the appropriate access rights can research into the records. Hence, legally required obligations to produce proof can be met across all outbound channels readily.

The source code of Tubewarder is publicly available. Thus, organizations planning to deploy Tubewarder can convince themselves that the application is handling the possibly sensitive information contained in the outbound messages correctly.

The software is free for non-commercial projects. For commercial projects, license fees are 99 Dollars per year or 9.99 Dollars per month (subscription) per instance used in production. Instances used for testing and staging purposes are free of charge. The commercial license features free updates/upgrades and privileged support.


Check the product page for more information, downloads, Docker image, and documentation.


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