Tubewarder 1.0 Beta 4 released

Today we releases Tubewarder 1.0 Beta 4. The primary new feature of this release is the availability of UserGroups. You can now create groups and assign your users to one or more groups. Templates and Channels are assigned to one group as well. Therefore, you can control which users can see/edit which Channels and Groups. We think that this is a big advantage in real-life scenarios, as you probably don’t want all Channels/Templates to be edited by all of your Tubewarder users. The release is available for download on GitHub. Our Docker image┬áhas been updated as well.

Changelog for Beta 4:

  • Added UserGroups: You can now arrange your users in groups. Templates and Channels are assigned to groups as well. Thus, users can only see the channels and templates they’re allowed to.
  • Added NodeJS client library
  • Added Java client library
  • Improved concurrency management in Config
  • Upgraded Wildfly Swarm to 1.0.0.CR1
  • Bug fixes in Web UI


Check the project page on GitHub for more information, downloads, Docker image, and documentation.


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