Improving DNN: How we fixed DNN’s built-in extension system only showing the first file for a product

weweave is not only providing modules which extend DNN’s range of functions. We also actively support the development of the DNN CMS software itself.

Last week, we discovered a bug in DNN’s functionality for purchasing and installing new modules from within the CMS: As an extension publisher, you can make multiple versions of your module available for download. This is quite useful for customers if you employ a license model like we do: Our customers get one year of free updates for DNN Dynamic Roles. Thus, we’re required to make older versions of our module available as well. We can’t just delete old versions from the list of available downloads.


However, DNN’s extension page (tab “Purchased Extensions”) only showed the first download option. After talking this over with DNN’s support team, it became obvious that this is not the desired behaviour, but a bug in the DNN software.


We fixed this bug in DNN’s source code, created a pull request on GitHub, and informed the support team. Our pull request has already been labeled “in progress”. Hopefully the fix will be included in one of the next releases.

This is how the list of “Purchased Extensions” looks like after the fix is applied:




Update (2014-12-22): Your pull request has been merged into the code of DNN 7.4.0.


More information: