How to migrate your DNN Site to Google Analytics Universal with DNN Google Analytics Advanced

As of the recently released version 02.03.00, DNN Google Analytics Advanced supports Google Analytics Universal. When adding Google Analytics to your website, you basically can choose between two kinds of integration: Google Analytics Classic and Google Analytics Universal. Google Analytics Classic is still supported, but the latter is the recommended one and Google encourages everyone to migrate to Universal to benefit from the latest features (see this Google article).

By default, DNN relies on Google Analytics Classic. However, DNN Google Analytics Advanced now offers migrating to Google Analytics Universal with just one click:

  1. After installing DNN Google Analytics Advanced, go to Admin/Google-Analytics-Advanced.
  2. Enable “Advanced mode” by checking the appropriate check box.
  3. Make sure “Google Analytics script type” is set to “Universal”.
  4. Click “Update” to save your changes.

If you have heavily customized the DNN’s Google Analytics integration by changing the default settings in SiteAnalytics.config, you should check out Google’s official migration guide. If not, you are done and everything should be tracked as before – but using Google’s latest tracking technology.

As enabling the “advanced mode” disables DNN’s built-in Google Analytics engine, all customizations in SiteAnalytics.config are ignored. If you have used this file to add some JavaScript code before the page views are tracked, you can now enter your custom JavaScript code into the “Before Pageview callback” field of DNN Google Analytics Advanced.

To verify that Universal Analytics is enabled, use your browser’s development tools (press F12) and check out the network tab. You should see a request to To make sure everything is working, please log in to your Google Analytics account and check if all events are (still) tracked as expected.

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