Introducing DNN Dynamic Redirect

Do you know DNN Dynamic Roles? The module for the DNN CMS platform is great for customizing your content to the individual user. However, DNN Dynamic Roles is built on top of DNN’s role system, thus requiring authenticated users. But what about anonymous visitors? Here comes the solution: Let’s introduce DNN Dynamic Redirect!

DNN Dynamic Redirect works just like DNN Dynamic Roles – but instead of using roles, it makes use of redirects (to be more precise: http Location redirects). The engine powering this new DNN module has been inherited from DNN Dynamic Roles. This means, you can use all the great XML rules such as geolocation detection, request parameter evaluation, date and time, and many more (see them all assembled here). Even more, you can use the logical operators for combining multiple rules using AND, OR, and NOT.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 15.25.09


Imagine the following scenario: You set up an advertisement campaign pointing to a specific landing page. However, there’s more you know about your visitor than that he’s clicked your link. You may have set a cookie when a visitor has viewed or purchased some product. You know where your visitor comes from (using MaxMind’s GeoIP database). You know whether your visitor is a registered user on your site. Using DNN Dynamic Redirect, you can redirect your user from the general campaign landing page to a more custom-tailored page, improving the visitor’s experience.

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This could be something improving your site’s performance?

Just give it a try – download the free evaluation version today!


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