Geotargeting with DNN Dynamic Roles

Geotargeting has become popular in internet marketing. DNN Dynamic Roles makes it easy to display certain information for users from specific geographic regions only. It uses MaxMind’s Geo IP service, allowing for precise geo location detection. Let’s say you’re running an E-commerce website which enables users from certain countries (such as the U.S. and Canada) to place order. How do you define the required rules?

Just create a new dynamic role with DNN Dynamic Roles like the following:

    <geoMaxMindCountry userId="1" licenseKey="abc" service="city" country="US" />
    <geoMaxMindCountry userId="1" licenseKey="abc" service="city" country="CA" />

Replace the licenseKey value “abc” and the userId value “1” with the correct values (see the XML rule definition syntax for more information).

Futhermore, set the following properties for your new rule:

Update Method: Sync
Cache Time: 600 (= enable cache with 10 minutes lifetime)
Trigger: Request

Now you can use your new rule to refine the visibility settings of other modules – such as hiding the “buy” link or showing an appropriate hint within the checkout process. You can use dynamic roles just as regular ones.


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