DNN Google Analytics Advanced 02.04.00 and 01.06.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Google Analytics Advanced 02.04.00 (for DNN 8 and DNN 9) and 01.06.00 (for DNN 7). These releases add support for two new license types “trial” and “limited”.

With these new license types it is now possible to get a trial license to test the module for a limited time for free in any production environment.

Also, we had to change the minimum DNN 7 version from 07.03.00 to 07.03.01 as we discovered a breaking change in DNN’s API which forced us to require DNN 07.03.01 or newer for version 01.XX.XX of DNN Google Analytics Advanced. If you need support for older versions of DNN, please feel free to contact us.

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