DNN Dynamic Roles Tip 2: Turn a static DNN role into a dynamic one

Do you already have set up a static (“usual”) role in DNN, assigned some users to it, and want to turn it into a dynamic one now? That’s easy: Just create a new dynamic role with the same name using DNN Dynamic Roles. As the module integrates smoothly with DNN’s default role system, the users assigned manually will stay assigned.

Depending on the selected Update Method, users will be dynamically assigned and/or removed from the role:

  • “Add” only adds new users to the role when your rule(s) match. Existing users are never unassigned automatically. Of course, you can remove users from a role manually if you want to.
  • “Sync” automatically adds users when the rule(s) match, and removes a user when the rule(s) don’t match.
  • “Remove” only removes users from the role is the rule(s) match.

By the way, as easy as turning a static role into a dynamic one, you can also easily turn a dynamic one into a static one: Just remove the checkbox next to “Enabled” in your dynamic role’s settings. DNN Dynamic Roles won’t manage role memberships anymore from that point.


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