DNN Dynamic Roles 01.03.00 released

We’re happy to announce today’s┬árelease of DNN Dynamic Roles 01.03.00. The new version features anonymous tracking – a powerful feature that keeps track of your dynamic roles even if your visitors log in on your website at a later point. Besides, the new version includes a new random rule as well as several bugfixes.

  • New feature: Tracking of anonymous visitors. If this option is enabled for a dynamic role, the result of the evaluated rules will be remembered in the visitor’s session and the role changes will be applied as soon as the user logs in.
  • New feature: Names of dynamic roles are checked against the names of system and global roles. This way, these roles can’t be destroyed accidentally.
  • New feature: Added random rule <random>.
  • New feature: Added pseudo rules <true> and <false>.
  • Bugfix: Empty error message if a role name is not unique.
  • Bugfix: Tiny edit icon in Safari.


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