DNN Dynamic Redirect 02.02.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Dynamic Redirect 02.02.00. These release adds support for two new license types “trial” and “limited” and now allows to create debug message to analyze (dynamic) redirects in detail.

With the new license types it is now possible to get a trial license to test the module for a limited time for free in any production environment.

When enable logging, DNN Dynamic Redirect now creates log messages that allows analyzing why redirects are performed or why they are not performed. Theses logging messages look like this:

2017-02-01 11:57:04,468 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Found PortalSettings for PortalId '0'
2017-02-01 11:57:04,469 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Detected none page request, skip all redirects of request type 'Page' (Url: http://localhost/DnnDynamicRedirect/test)
2017-02-01 11:57:04,474 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Test redirect 'Test'
2017-02-01 11:57:04,486 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Test Sql rule
2017-02-01 11:57:04,488 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - SQL Query: SELECT * FROM test
2017-02-01 11:57:04,488 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Set SQL parameter '@[email protected]' to ''
2017-02-01 11:57:04,489 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Set SQL parameter '@[email protected]' to '0'
2017-02-01 11:57:04,490 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - SQL execution failed (Exception: 'Invalid object name 'test'.')
2017-02-01 11:57:04,491 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Sql rule failed
2017-02-01 11:57:04,491 […][Thread:18][DEBUG] weweave.DnnDynamicRedirect.HttpModule - Request does not match redirect rule: Skip redirect

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