DNN Dynamic Redirect 02.01.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Dynamic Redirect 02.01.00. This new release adds some new useful options to fine-tune your redirects and fixes some bugs.

Changes in 02.01.00:

  • Feature: Added options “Requested Url Format”, “Requested Url Ignore Query”, “Requested Url Ignore Case” and “Force Login” to dynamic redirect
  • Feature: Clean up 404 errors for non-page redirects in DNN event log
  • Feature: Limited “Requested Url” and “Redirect Url” to 2048 characters
  • Feature: Removed 255 character limit from description
  • Fix: Fixed evaluating of subsequent dynamic redirects after evaluating highest prioritized redirect failed
  • Fix: Fixed validation error for “unique redirect name” validation


More information: