Configure Google Analytics in DNN 9 with DNN Google Analytics Advanced for free

Update: As of version 03.00.00, DNN Google Analytics Advanced smoothly integrates into DNN 9’s Persona Bar and lets you configure the Google Analytics settings even more user friendly (see here).

DNN 9 was released some days ago. This major release introduces a new admin experience (the “Persona Bar”). Almost all admin modules from DNN 8 have been rewritten as Persona Bar extensions to fit into this new concept. But some admin and host modules were not part of the migration and it seems that they are no longer on the roadmap for future development. As you can see in this detailed list, the Google Analytics Module is one of those discontinued modules. In a fresh DNN 9 installation, this module is still installed, but you can’t use it – there us no page for configuring the module. So with┬áDNN 9, there is no means for entering your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Although our module DNN Google Analytics Advanced requires a (paid) license to use all features in production environments, configuring the Google Analytics tracking ID is something that the module supports for free. You just have to download and install the latest release of our module and navigate to /Admin/Google-Analytics-Advanced. On this page, you find a form that allows you to enter your “Tracking ID” and define whether or not Google Analytics should be activated for admins. You may see a warning on this page telling you that the (premium features of the) module won’t work on one of your domains. As long as you just want to configure your Google Analytics tracking ID you can ignore this message. Nevertheless, to get the best out of DNN and Google Analytics, we recommend you to buy a licenses key to utilize all features of our module.


After clicking “Update”, the settings are saved just like they would have been saved using DNN’s standard Google Analytics module.

For the sake of completeness, you could of course also create a new page (somewhere else than under /admin) and add the standard Google Analytics module to configure the tracking ID. But this requires some manual steps and you have to set the permissions for the page carefully to prevent unauthorized access.

At the moment, we are working on a next version of DNN Google Analytics Advanced that smoothly integrates with DNN 9’s Persona Bar. Furthermore, we will change the module’s interface to make clearer that it contains free functionalities that work without a paid license.

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