Client libraries for Tubewarder

We’re working on making the integration of Tubewarder into your organization even easier. Thus, we’re currently developing client libraries for popular programming languages. By using these, you don’t need to deal with the specifics of the SOAP and REST API, but can focus on sending messages from your applications via Tubewardee to your customers/users.

At first we’ve released a Java Client library. You can employ it easier by adding the following dependency to your Maven pom.xml:


Afterwards, send your messages like this:

TubewarderClient client = new TubewarderRestClient("http://your-tubewarder-server");
SendRequest req = new SendRequest("your-app-token");
req.addModelParam(new KeyValue("firstname", "..."));
SendResponse resp = client.send(req);

Find out more in the docs.

Support for more languages (esp. PHP and NodeJS) will be added soon.


More information: