WP Ajaxify Comments 1.4.0 released

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.4.0 is here! We’ve added a new request (expert) option “Enable by query”. With this option enabled, the plugin can be enabled by passing a (secret) query parameter. This is especially useful, if you do not want to enable the plugin for all your visitors but want to test the plugin’s functionality. We also made sure that the plugin is compatible to WordPress 4.4. Continue reading

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.3.0 released

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.3.0 is here! We’ve added new request parameters “WPACAll”, “WPACSkip” and” WPACTake” to query comments and made sure that the plugin is compatible to WordPress 4.2 which will be released these days. Continue reading

New payment provider to handle checkouts

If you buy a license key or a support ticket from weweave, the entire checkout process is handled by an external, professional payment provider. This makes it easy for you to choose from a couple of payment options and will hopefully increase trust in this critical phase. As of today, all our checkouts are handled by a new payment provider: FastSpring.

Just like before, you can select the product you’d like to purchase from our website. You’ll then be redirected to the corresponding checkout page where you can enter your address and choose your preferred payment option. When you’re living in Europe, you’ll receive an invoice including VAT after the checkout process.

FastSpring serves thousands of clients worldwide. A leading e-commerce service for the general software industry, FastSpring is also the number one e-commerce service for Mac software publishers. Find out more.

For our DNN modules, you can still check out by using the DNN Store alternatively.

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.2.0 released

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.2.0 is here! We’ve added a new (expert) option “Disable Cache”. Continue reading

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.1.1 released

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.1.1 is here! We’ve fixed a small bug that was introduced with version 1.1.0. Continue reading

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.1.0 released

WP Ajaxify Comments 1.1.0 is here! We’ve added compatibility to WordPress 4.1. Continue reading

WP Ajaxify Comments now a part of weweave

The well-known plugin WP Ajaxify Comments for the WordPress CMS and blogging platform has got a new home: weweave now continues the development of the popular plugin. Backed by weweave, users can now benefit from professional support as provided for all of weweave’s software. Continue reading