Preview: DNN Dev Tools 02.00.00 integrates into DNN 9’s new Persona Bar


DNN 9 will introduce a great new admin experience by replacing the old control bar (placed on top of the screen) with the so called “Persona Bar” (placed on the left side). You can read more about the ideas behind the Persona Bar in the blog posts “DNN 9 and the Future of the DNN Platform” and “DNN 9: Rethinking the Admin Experience“. On a technical level this concept means a massive change to all (admin) user interfaces that want to be integrated in the Persona Bar: Until DNN 8 they were built as “standard” DNN WebForm or SPA/MVC modules; now, they need to be built with pure frontend technologies (HTML, JavaScript and CSS). Continue reading

DNN Dev Tools won DNN 8 Module Challenge category “SPA Modules”!

We are very excited to announce that our open source project “DNN Dev Tools” won the “SPA Modules” category of the DNN 8 Module Challenge. You can find out more about the contest and the winners on this blog post. Continue reading