Delicarta: Scan QR code, get customized menu

This week, we’ve launched in Germany. Delicarta makes finding your favourite dish easy: Scan the QR code in the restaurant you’re in with your smartphone, and get the menu directly on your phone. You can then filter the restaurant’s menu and browse through the carte. Imaging you’re looking for vegetarian or gluten free food  – it’s never been easier to reduce the menu just to the dishes that you like.

Introducing DNN Dynamic Redirect

Do you know DNN Dynamic Roles? The module for the DNN CMS platform is great for customizing your content to the individual user. However, DNN Dynamic Roles is built on top of DNN’s role system, thus requiring authenticated users. But what about anonymous visitors? Here comes the solution: Let’s introduce DNN Dynamic Redirect! Continue reading

DNN Dynamic Roles 01.04.00 released

DNN Dynamic Roles 01.04.00 comes with a lot of new features: Along with performance and usability optimisations, the new version includes shorthand rules for all system roles.
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DNN Google Analytics Advanced 01.02.00 released

We’re happy to announce the availability of DNN Google Analytics Advanced 01.02.00. The new version adds support for outbound link tracking.
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Geotargeting with DNN Dynamic Roles

Geotargeting has become popular in internet marketing. DNN Dynamic Roles makes it easy to display certain information for users from specific geographic regions only. It uses MaxMind’s Geo IP service, allowing for precise geo location detection. Let’s say you’re running an E-commerce website which enables users from certain countries (such as the U.S. and Canada) to place order. How do you define the required rules? Continue reading

WP Ajaxify Comments now a part of weweave

The well-known plugin WP Ajaxify Comments for the WordPress CMS and blogging platform has got a new home: weweave now continues the development of the popular plugin. Backed by weweave, users can now benefit from professional support as provided for all of weweave’s software. Continue reading

Bugfix releases for DNN Dynamic Roles and DNN Google Analytics Advanced

Today we released minor bugfix releases for DNN Dynamic Roles (version 01.03.01) and DNN Google Analytics Advanced (version 01.00.01). Both fix Azure compatibility and EVS errors.

New release: DNN Google Analytics Advanced

DNN Google Analytics Advanced Icon Today, we’re happy to announce the release of DNN Google Analytics Advanced, our second module that makes more of the popular .NET CMS platform DNN (formerly DotNetNuke). The module extends DNN’s built-in modules “Google Analytics” (DNN Platform) and “Google Analytics Professional” (Evoq Content). Continue reading

How to detect unsupported browsers with DNN Dynamic Roles

DNN Dynamic Roles can be used to detect an unsupported browser and or browser version in the DNN CMS platform. If an unsupported browser is detected, you can show an error message or update hint for example. Here’s how: Continue reading

DNN Dynamic Roles 01.03.00 released

We’re happy to announce today’s release of DNN Dynamic Roles 01.03.00. The new version features anonymous tracking – a powerful feature that keeps track of your dynamic roles even if your visitors log in on your website at a later point. Besides, the new version includes a new random rule as well as several bugfixes. Continue reading